Monday, July 27, 2009

As Miss C would say....

Yuckety yuck!

I have a very uninspiring pile of mending slash alterations staring me in my face, right on my sewing table. Sometimes it’s a little bigger, sometimes smaller but it NEVER disappears! Although sometimes I do try to hide it in a box or under the bed but it invariably finds its way back to the table. And I just cannot get my head around starting a new project when this is taunting me every day.

Today The Pile consists of
1. Couple of The Blokes workshirts, one needs a button replaced, the other who knows?
2. 2 pairs of jeans that need knee patches
3. A very nice vintage paisley skirt that needs to be resized
4. A wool nappy cover that needs the elastic replaced
5. A dress that needs a hook and eye
6. A top that needs a hook and eye (ooh think there’s a theme happening here)
7. A pair of leggings that need new waist elastic

Ho hum indeed as Pooh would say!


  1. Oh- Isn't it a pain! My "pile" consists of one large Chinese laundry bag, a big plastic bag and a stack on my working table. All of which rotate with the seasons. None of which seem to diminish in size!
    The bane of a keen op-shopper/ seamstress: buying garments which you say at the time you can always alter to fit!!

  2. Yup - I didn't even include the curtains that I was supposed to make BEFORE winter started!