Tuesday, July 14, 2009

But first more about me

So.... I studied fashion design at The Whitehouse Institute of Design in Sydney (and who now have a Melbourne campus – check it out here)so I am perfectly capable of drafting my own patterns but with a nearly two and a half year old I no longer have time to draft from scratch, test out the pattern with a couple of toiles and then sew up the actual garment, so I have resorted to using commercial patterns and tweaking them to suit what I want. I usually look for very simple shapes (preferably without zips, tricky fastenings or overwrought detailing) that are fashion current and quick to sew.

I am now officially a SAHM with said toddler and sewing for the two of us keeps me from running screaming from the house (on most days) and I also do a bit of paid sewing as well.

But why am I surly? Partly because that’s my personality... here’s proof.

And partly because the way commercial patterns are put together is often plain ridiculous (big pattern companies, here’s a tip: maybe if patterns were easy to follow, had limited handsewing and fitted well, more people might actually sew and in turn *golly gosh* buy more patterns).

So I try to apply my industry skills to what I make, generally ignore the sewing instructions and alter what I have to. My biggest bugbear with going back to commercial patterns is the enormous seam allowances; 1.5cm on a faced neckline is just plain silly, not to mention difficult to sew, especially if you are attempting a toddlers size 2 dress!

Well enough ranting for now, the next posts will be some of my sewing projects.

As soon as Miss C gives me back the pins.

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