Saturday, July 18, 2009

The carnage

This is what happens when I try to get fifteen minutes to sew and I DON’T have an organised activity for Miss C to do. Usually I will try to set up a game or bring out some toys she hasn’t had for a while or often she is just happy to stand beside me and ‘sew’ as well.

Anyway, today was a busy outside day. Lots of activity; feeding chooks, walking the dog etc and silly me, I thought I could steal some sewing time in the afternoon and she would be content just pottering around me.

Never again. She turned into Miss Destructo, pulling out everything in sight, harrasing the cat and causing general mayhem. I managed two seams before I had to rescue the cat from being kissed to death and save the lounge from being turned into a purple castle. With indelible marker (where the heck does she find these things?).

Sigh. There’s always tomorrow.
Edited to add: I'm afraid the frog didn't make it.

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