Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ask and ye shall receive

Isn’t it funny how sometimes when you talk about (or write about) a problem that the universe gives you an answer. The day after posting about my current design funk, Miss C and I moseyed on down to our local op shop and lo and behold some wonderful person had donated a whole bag of vintage patterns. And they were in my size. And they were nearly all uncut. And they were only 20c each. You beauty!!

I have come to realise that the only ‘vintage’ stuff that suits me are things that don’t look vintage if that makes sense. I have quite an athletic shape, broad shoulders and muscular legs so anything from the 1950s just makes me look like a bloke in drag and while I love all the mod ‘60s stuff I aint Twiggy! And all that boho, floaty hippie business makes me look like I am dressing up as a bag lady for Halloween.

So I tend to stick to the 70’s and 80’s and look for things that reflect the current runway looks.

The pick of the bunch

And this stash of patterns really fits the bill. I was tempted to take the lot but didn’t want to look greedy! But if I go back tomorrow they will probably still be there.........................


  1. Gasp! lucky you! Although i have to disagree- you would probably be able to get away with wearing anything and still look pretty good.
    p.s you should go back and get the rest. But thats me, and i'm greedy!

  2. Would you believe that I still haven't had time to make it back to the shop aaaargh!

  3. I bought the pattern in the top left corner last week! Are you plannning on making it at some stage? I was thinking of something for the upcoming winter

  4. Hi Jane. I just saw your comment on this post, I love that dress but alas it is a size too small for me. I could grade it up to fit but that usually means it might languish in the stash for a while yet. I tend to buy lots of vintage patterns that aren't my size and then just dream about them! Hope it works for you.