Thursday, August 6, 2009

An awkward age

Remember being 11 or 12 years old and just starting high school?

I can remember feeling like I was caught between 2 worlds; no longer a kid but not yet a full blown teenager. Kids stuff was no longer interesting and the world of rampaging hormones was still a shadowy mystery to me.

Well I kind of feel like that again. This time though I am in my late 30’s, no longer a ‘young’ person but not quite eligible for my seniors card.
So what kind of clothes am I supposed to wear?

It is only now that I am beginning to see just how much the fashion market is geared toward the spring chickens. I am still interested in fashion but now I want good quality fabric, clothes that will last and not be a carbon copy chain store one season only thing. And I most definitely do not want to look like mutton!

I need clothes that ‘work’. I need to be able to shop, garden, socialise (and occasionally go to work!) and so my garments need to be able to multi task. I don’t want clothes with tricky bits that have to tie a certain way which means you can’t raise your arms above your head and I don’t want some obscure fibre that has to be wrapped in tissue paper and shipped off to the dry cleaners every time it gets splattered with finger paint.

So I guess that is why I have started making my own clothes again. But I still have the dilemma of WHAT to make.

Thanks to the ageing process I do have some new rules that helps narrow down the field; nothing above the knee (heck who am I kidding, nothing above the ankle!), straps must be wide enough to mask monster nursing bra straps, no puffy sleeves EVER and definitely no hipster and midriff top combos.

If I had unlimited funds this is how I would like to dress, but achieving this kind of pared back simplicity is actually incredibly difficult. It takes both exceptionally high quality fabric and expert patternmaking skills and I don’t really have either at my disposal at the moment.

Which is why I have hit a bit of a brick wall with designing my summer wardrobe. I have a few patterns and fabrics picked out but nothing has quite hit the mark.

Oh well, I could always try a visit to Fletcher Jones!

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