Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Why is it that whenever I start a project thinking; this will be easy, just a couple of seams, some elastic and bob’s your uncle, that it all goes pear shaped?
I thought that I would get started on the summer wardrobe with an ‘easy’ (ie no zip, waistband or buttonholes) top but instead of looking at the instructions to see if it could be done an easier way (which is often the case) I just ploughed on in and ended up having to unpick FOUR seams, with overlocking as well dammit!

And having had a proper look at the instructions for this McCalls dress, I can now see a way to put it together that is much quicker than the original pattern, plus it will mean no hand sewing which I have a life threatening allergy to.
So it’s back to the start. Will post pics of the alternative method and (hopefully) finished project in the next couple of days.

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