Friday, August 21, 2009

Long time between drinks

Things have been pretty quiet on the sewing front of late.
Miss C seems to think that day sleeps are for LITTLE girls, not BIG girls Mummy, and so come 4pm which is usually my sewing time, she switches into whirling dervish mode and doesn’t stop until The Simpsons comes on at 6pm.

(Is it wrong that a 2.5 year olds favourite show is The Simpsons? Hmmmm. Must consult the parenting manual again).

If I can get her outside for a nice long walk then the evening is manageable but that means no sewing for me. Oh well. Time to rethink the game plan I guess.

Still, amidst the mayhem I did manage to do a quick knit top during the week.
I have about half a bolt of some lovely hailspot viscose knit which, despite being a cheapie, has a really nice drape and is perfect for inbetween seasons. The only problem is it tends to look a bit pyjamery so the trick has been finding the right pattern. It is too sheer for a dress or skirt so I tried this Vogue pattern, mainly to test it out and see how tricky or not it would be to handle.

As it was a knit, I didn’t bother with doing a toile to check the fit and cut a straight size 12, no alterations to the pattern.

The pattern is designed to leave the neck edge as a raw cut edge, which in my fabric I don’t think works. I am not averse to raw edges and think that in the right fabric and right garment then they can look great. But not this one. To me it just looks unfinished.

Edgy edges? Or sloppy sewing? I know what my grandmother would have had to say!

Instead I used a grey marle rib fabric to trim the neck and sleeves. I think that the fabric needed a strong edge, and I didn’t want to ‘match’ the fabric by using black or white and I liked the casual feel of the grey marle.

Ahhh! That's better! Nice and neat. Good job Mum!

The ribbing is cut as 2/3 the length of the neckline and sleeve circumference and 6cm wide, folded in half and then sewn to the edge with a 1.5cm seam allowance on the overlocker.

Doing the model thing. Why is my child licking the floor?

So all in all its not bad. I am not in love with it but I don’t hate it either.


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  2. Nice finish. Saw your write up on pattern review. Have the harem pants pattern, too, so am doubly inspired by your recent posts.

  3. Hi AfricaLiving
    Thanks for your comment. I love love love these pants! Am even thinking of making View A in white satin a la Ms Kruger which could either be amazing or very wrong, I am sure that my legs are not as long as hers!