Saturday, September 5, 2009

One garment down.......

....another nine to go!

I managed to whip up my first wardrobe contest garment today, a BWOF stretch top from the April 2009 issue. Despite having a subscription for the past 10 months or so, this is the first BWOF pattern that I have actually made up and I was curious to see how they would go.

Here is a mini storyboard of fabric, original photo of the design from the mag and technical drawing.

Here it is on me.

Not bad. Bit slouchy, but then so am I!

Back View.

The nuts and bolts.

Need a bit of a sit down after all that posing.

What do I like about BWOF?
The fact that as you trace off the size that you need from the master sheet there is no wrestling with a multi size pattern that has lots of tricky cutting out bits. I also like the fact that you add your own seam allowances. Why Burda insist on telling you to add 1.5cm seam allowance to EVERY seam is a bit of a mystery to me though. Especially on patterns designed for stretch.

So I ignored Burda’s instructions and added my usual 3/8” (or 1cm if you work in metric) and 1” for the hem. I didn’t add s.a to the neck though as I cut a self band instead.

I also assembled the whole thing on the four thread overlocker.

What don’t I like about BWOF?
Well not much really. The instructions are a little hazy and I think that some things may go amiss in the translation from German, but this top was pretty straightforward to assemble. I generally ignore pattern instructions anyway, so I only really looked at the instructions to check for anything unusual.

The fit was a little on the large side, and if I make it again I will go down a size, but for this print I think the slouch factor works.

The length of the top was too short for me (I have a weirdly long torso) and as I didn’t check the length on the pattern, I added a hip band to the hem (cut approx 2” narrower than the hem circumference to sit firmly on the hip) to compensate. Otherwise I didn’t veer off the beaten track at all for this design.

It will be interesting to see what their more complex designs like jackets will be like to make up.

And on top of that I even managed to clean the bathroom!


  1. I like it. The band on the bottom looks great - I always have to add length to Burda tops and I have quite a short torso so maybe that's just their style. And I ALWAYS find them waaaay to low in the bust. Maybe in-your-face boobs are their style as well! Other than that I love them :)

  2. Very cute! This one is on my list for the wardrobe contest too (if I ever get time to sew). Thanks for the tips with the facings and I love the bottom band! Kimmysue

  3. Just found your blog through Sewing Pattern Review. Love the top, I agree that that pattern suits the larger fit. I've got 11 issues of BWOF and just finished my first garment. Far too much page gazing been going on here!