Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Look...up in the sky.....’s a bird, it’s a’s a big blue blouse!

Well actually it’s McCalls 5885, just in the wrong fabric and the wrong size.

I have been wanting to make up this pattern ever since I got it a couple of months ago, and was inspired by this pic from The Satorialist to try for a chambray style.

Trouble is my chambray is much too heavy (which I knew even before I cut it but ploughed on ahead anyway) and I cut a size 14 when I should have cut a 12 *sigh*.

Trying to master the mirror shot. Miss C aka The Shadow is of no help whatsoever.

This was going to be for the Wardrobe Contest but it doesn’t really go with my other pieces and I need to do some work to beat it into shape.

The sleeve hem is supposed to be gathered onto a band but I think that this will accentuate the balloon effect so I might give that a miss and go for a straight hem.
And a couple of rounds in a hot wash cycle in the machine might help soften it up.

On the plus side the fabric only cost me $2 and I still have enough left for a pair of summer shorts.

The pattern itself is actually super easy and deserves a proper review so I will post up the details when I can bear to try it on again.

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  1. It may be larger than you would like but it looks really lovely. The fabric is great - I love chambray. Once you soften it up, I'm sure you will like it much better. I love that style, I hadn't noticed this pattern before but I'm going to take a much closer look at it!