Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm done!

Well I did finally manage to complete the 10 required garments for the Wardrobe Contest yay!

Some details were sacrificed in the name of meeting the deadline, like topstitching and buttonholes, but who needs fastenings anyhoo! I am happy that I got to use up some of my pattern and fabric stash and now have some nice new things for the Christmas holidays.

Here’s the composite pic of all the pieces together. I plan on posting info on the individual pieces over the next few days but if you want more info check out the review at Pattern Review.

And just for a laugh, here are some outtakes from the photoshoot, where I am sporting a lovely big cut on my lip and a freshly sprouted pimple on my chin!

Miss C demonstrating this seasons must have accessory...the leg scarf!

Hands on hips Mum, good girl!

Don't forget to show them the back Mum!

Where did my model go?

C'mon Mum, lets see what's on the refreshments trolley!

And what did I do today with all my spare time? Bought more patterns of course!


  1. Well done! I know how you feel about the time restraint. The finished wardrobe looks great!

  2. Woohoo 10 garments! I'm very impressed and I LOOOOOVE the grey Burda top with the ruffle. I'm afraid to say you were slightly outshone by your junior model there - so cute!

    Good luck for the contest.

  3. Wow- you did it! How exciting to have a whole new wardrobe! I really like the tulip skirts and ruffly top. Everything looks so fab all together, I like how every piece is really modern but classic too- and trans-seasonal, which is a plus.
    Good luck with the contest!

    Now I wonder where li'l Miss got her love of dress-ups from? Hee hee!

  4. stunning! my fav is the ruffle top.

  5. Well donel. Chic and put together casual wardrobe.

  6. A mixture of black and white looks really good on you.