Monday, December 7, 2009

Tiptoe through the tulips

I was going to call this post ‘more bottoms’ but thought that might be problematic in ending up in searches where it doesn’t belong ahem!

These are the rest of the ‘bottoms’ from the wardrobe. BWOF tulip skirt from the 05/09 issue and an OOP Vogue pant pattern.

Here is Burda’s version of the skirt.

I very rarely wear my tops tucked in so figured I could do without the waist bow detail (I seem to spend most of my time taking things OFF patterns rather than adding to them. I wonder if this is just subconscious laziness at work?).

Basically I LOVE this skirt pattern. It has only 4 pieces and gives a really great shape and peps up what is basically a straight skirt.

Here’s my version in a printed cotton elastane and a rundown of how I put it together.

Traced a size 38. Took in the waist by 1/2” on front and back and tapered to nothing at hip.
Added 1/2” s.a to side seams and hem.
Added 1/4” s.a to facing and waist edge.
Added 3/4” s.a to CB (Burda has the zip in the side but I prefer it in the CB seam as it is MUCH easier to insert a zip in a straight seam rather than a curved one. Plus I don’t need any extra bulk over the hips thankyouverymuch!).

Burda has an odd way of finishing the hem, instructing you to trace a hem facing for the front only (?!!!!). I am not a big fan of facings on hems and as my fabric had some stretch, I figured I could get away without it (the hem of the front is quite curved due to the pleats at the top).

The construction is very simple, basically a straight skirt with facing, so Burda’s sewing instructions are quite straightforward for a change.

I made a second version in a black linen/rayon blend and it also made up very nicely. I also left off the hem facing for this version and just did a narrow hem by hand and didn’t have any problems with it. So the facing is probably superfluous for this skirt in my opinion.

This skirt has really sold me on wearing skirts again. I think I will make a lot more of these. Now I just need to find a supplier of bulk self tanning lotion.

The other ‘bottom’ was a skinny pant in stretch denim.

This is an OOP Vogue 7481 pattern that has been in the stash for ages. It is an extremely simple pant and luckily for me the fit is perfect. I didn’t need to do any alterations, which is good because it was the last piece that I made for the Contest and I didn’t have time for a toile!

So not much to say on this one, except I made a size 12 (I went down a size due to the stretch factor in the denim) and it is a very snug fit. The pant has a fly front, curved waistband and straight leg (I tapered the leg from the knee to the ankle by about 2” on front and back) but that was the only change I made.

I like the fact that it has minimal detail. I am thinking of taking the time to trace this one off onto a heavyweight card so that I can use it as a pant block as the fit is so good.

But I can’t actually bear to even look at a pattern at the moment so I will see if I am still in love with them after the Christmas frenzy (and hopefully the Christmas kilos) is over.


  1. Two amazing looking garments. I love the shape of that skirt - it looks wonderful on you and the fabric is lovely. Those pants fit perfectly and I love their streamlined look - I think your tapering of the leg was just right.

  2. Great- have been mulling over whether to make that exact Burda skirt or not, and you now have me convinced! Think I will be using your modifications too. So impressed you completed the challenge- the whole wardrobe looks good.