Monday, January 4, 2010


...its nice to be home!
Despite being totally spoilt for three weeks over Christmas and New Year, it’s kinda nice to be back in my own space.

This year was Miss C’s first holiday with the inlaws in New Zealand, so lots of firsts; including first flight, first time at the beach and first visit to the zoo which was exciting and exhausting and lots of fun all at the same time. Actually travelling with a nearly three year old was surprisingly easy, no meltdowns or other horror behaviours that you read about with toddlers, she pretty much charmed the pants off everyone we met!

A pair of birds chatting to a pair of birds

We were fortunate to be staying right on the water, so daily trips to the beach were the order of the day and while the temps were sometimes a bit chilly for swimming we did make many ridiculously feeble attempts at building sandcastles and explored rock pools and collected shells.

Feet oysters

Just to prove that I do wear my garments in public; the Burda ruffle top on the Devonport ferry!

And lucky for us we had bucketfuls of rain while we were away so everything looks lush and green for a change!

So now that I have had time to unpack and get back into our daily groove its time to start thinking about sewing. I have a few pressing jobs; like making curtains for the lounge room and some mending but I really want to start planning for the interesting stuff. Namely sewing for me and Miss C!

What I really need is some light summery dresses.
We have finally finished breastfeeding, and I have generally avoided wearing dresses as hoiking up a frock in public is not really a good look, especially when wearing nanna undies as is my general choice of smalls, so I have got through the summer heat in mostly shorts and tees.

So to celebrate nearly three years of feeding I think I might reward myself with some frocks.

Off to hunt through the stash now.
I am pretty sure I have some nice cotton voiles waiting to be found!

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  1. What a nice blog, and I really like the ruffled top - girly, but not to sweet indeed, especially when combined with jeans. I did not buy that Burda, will have to look for it in the library...