Monday, January 18, 2010

Sweet relief

Today I am sitting here in my cardigan thanking the weather gods for some sweet relief from the heat. We had a lovely cool change come through last night, which meant a blue lipped swimming lesson this morning but lots of sewing time this arvo. Hurrah!

And to top it off I scored a bonanza at the op shop , a small stash of Top Kids magazines, chock full of patterns for bubs, toddlers and teenagers.

I had never heard of this mag before, these issues were all published around the early 90’s, but it is very much like Burda WOF , with about 30 patterns that you trace from the large pattern sheet.

If you can get past the scary 80s styling (most of the photo spreads look like ad campaigns for Esprit kids!) and fabrics the actual patterns are quite good.

So now Miss C is all set for clothes until well into high school (whether she still lets me dress her after the age of 3 is still to be seen!).

And just for a giggle, here is the back cover of one of the mags. Mum bought me this very same overlocker when I was in high school (and she still has it and uses it) but I never knew you could hook up with a guy and dance around with it! No wonder they called it a funlock!

AND I was able to trace off my pattern and cut out my chambray skirt, and cook dinner and get the washing in, all in one day!


  1. and what a guy!... Loving his shirt!

  2. Yes- I love the overlocker as ghetto blaster idea! I have a few Topkids that were originally my Mum's, and plenty of the patterns you could still use now. Great find!

  3. I have a stack of Topkids magazines in my sewing room, they are great ones. Thanks for the reminder and the blast from the past with the pictures. Enjoy sewing from these.

  4. That is just too much fun near electrical equipment! Have been reading your blog and enjoying it! As a self taught sewer, I have never left novice status, so I aspire to your skill and cleverness.
    Clever woman!!

  5. Yeah, me and my husband dance with my overlocker all the time. Sometimes I get really crazy and pick up the sewing machine as well. Good times.

  6. Score- my top kids mags are most coveted and also picked up in op-shops. Have fun bringing the designs into the new millenium!!