Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I've got the no sewing to do blues

Well that’s not entirely true, I’ve got plenty to do, but I think that I used up all of this years sewing mojo getting those three tops done from my last post!

I have spent the last two weeks taking out patterns, putting them back, ferreting through the fabric stash, scouring the internet for some inspiration and basically coming up with a big fat sewing block.

Admittedly the latest batch of patterns from the Big Four ( and Burda WOF ) have been less than earth shattering, and even though we are coming in to autumn it is still quite warm, so the idea of handling winter fabrics doesn’t appeal.

And Miss C no longer has a day sleep, so the afternoons are getting a bit long and frazzled and I need to sew just to maintain my sanity.

So I need to get over the hump.

While I am not ready to jump into winter sewing, I thought that I could get some practise in sewing knits.

I don’t sew stretch garments that often. I tend to buy my basics, T-shirts and such from op shops and I can’t see the point in spending a week sewing something that I can get for a couple of bucks and will only wear around the house anyway.

But I do need some transeasonal garments, and I happen to have a spare roll of white cotton lycra handy.

The first raid on the pattern stash threw up these options.

I thought that I might just do a run on the jersey, use it to make as many garments as I can and then dye them different colours when I decide on the rest of my winter fabrics.

I think the Marci Tilton one might be my first job.

Come back mojo I need you!

If you don’t turn up soon I am going to take up knitting instead so there!


  1. Pick any of those great patterns and make something wonderful!!

  2. I'm also in a bit of a sewing slump. Zippered pouches are about all I'm managing at the moment.

    Congrats on getting your pic up on It's nice to know that despite your sewing mojo going awol you've inspired somebody else.

  3. Thanks for your encouragement Eugenia, your comments always make me smile!
    Melinda; thanks for the heads up, I didn't even know I had been featured! Now I just need to start smiling in photos!