Monday, March 1, 2010

It's official..... sewing mojo has left the building. I don’t know where it’s gone or who it’s shacked up with but there has been nary a straight stitch or zig zag in sight for the past week and a half.

And I am not quite sure how to lure it back. I had a go at cleaning up the sewing space but that didn’t work. Maybe I should go out and buy some fancy new notions and see if that will entice it out of the shadows.

Perhaps it got a bit miffed because there has been a lot of things happening that doesn’t include sewing.

Miss C turned three last weekend, so that week was taken up with baking, gift wrapping and such (and no hand sewn presents in sight!) and then this weekend just gone was our Annual Show, so again no time for sewing.

And it was at the Show that I realised how much I missed sewing; for a small township of 1800 people it is quite surprising that we even have a show (granted, Sideshow Alley looks it has been transported directly from 1957 when the rides had their last safety check) but the pavilions were chock full of exhibits in quilting, crochet, cake decorating, supersize fruit and veg, photography and all the other arts and crafts and it got me thinking as to how important it is to have something useful to do.

Miss C has her first ride at the show....on a scary looking seal, not impressed!

Scary clowns....funny how there wasn't a single child anywhere near this attraction!

So back to the problem at hand.

I might start small. First a visit to the fabric shop, see if that gets a reaction. Then the op shops, maybe a piece of vintage lace or fabric might get the juices going.

Or I could just get to work on that big pile of alterations that need doing!


  1. Hmm alterations...I just checked my "to be mended/adjusted" basket and the pile nearly attacked me! It's just such a boring task but does need to be done. Good luck with yours. Hope you get your mojo - I love your BWOF Tulip skirt - make some more!

  2. I've had the same loss of focus lately, lots of planning and shopping, but no making. It'll be back. I'm tidying my work space tomorrow, I was hoping that would get me back on track, but now you've got me wondering.