Monday, April 19, 2010

Spots and stripes

The curtains are up and I managed to knock out a quick stripey top as well!

I probably shouldn’t be patting myself on the back quite so hard though; the curtain hems are still pinned AND I miscalculated the pleating at the top so there is some unpicking to do but at least they are mostly done.

The stripey top is Vogue 8597 and it really is a very quick and easy top to put together.

The fabric is a find from a local market, have no idea as to it's provenance or fibre content but my guess is it is mostly cotton and not particularly old (I wouldn’t put it into the vintage category).

I had a go at matching the stripes, but the stripes and the grainline didn’t see quite eye to eye so I stuck to the grainline when cutting out so that the stretch would fit the body properly. It means one shoulder seam matches and the other doesn’t but because this top will be mostly for hanging around at home or worn under jackets and things I am not too fussed about it.

The top is View C, I made no alterations to the pattern at all, just cut a size 14 and the fit overall is pretty good. I lost a bit of width in the collar as I ran out of fabric, but only about 1 ½ inches so I don’t think that it makes a lot of difference to the look.

I am going to have a go at View A with the proper cowl neckline this week and see how that goes. And hem those darn curtains!


  1. Making curtains just isn't any fun. It's a lovely feeling to have them pretty much done. And you managed to run up a t-shirt for yourself as well- not bad!

  2. Your curtains looks wonderful, curtains are hard work. I really like your top, it looks great on you and the striped fabric is perfect.

  3. Beautiful top - it looks great on you!