Monday, June 28, 2010

Here's the plan Stan......

The Wardrobe Contest over at Pattern Review is on again and seeing that I had some good results with last years Contest I thought that this might be a good way to get back in the swing of things.

I don’t really sew much for myself in the way of winter clothes so it looks like Miss C will be getting a new wardrobe instead.

And considering the ‘bad mummy’ looks I get when we go out in her pants that are easily 2 inches too short it’s about time!

I have actually done very little in the way of sewing for her, and when I read all the other lovely blogs out there and see what other Mums come up with I hang my head in shame!
So here is the plan....

The bonus: all the fabrics are from the stash and so are the patterns (they are all BWOF though so the tracing could get a bit tedious). I have also chosen patterns and fabrics that can be worn now and for when the weather gets warmer.

The spanner: the Bloke has asked (requested, ordered, demanded and pleaded and not necessarily in that order) that I whip up a leather apron for him for the workshop and Miss C needs a library bag for her first day at preschool next month.Oh and the contest started on the 1st of June so I have already lost a month sewing time! And Uni starts in about 3 weeks time.
Why do I do this to myself?!!!!!!!


  1. Jeez - I want a nosy round in your stash! Those fabrics look gorgeous and you've chosen some great patterns. I'm especially loving the dress with the ruffles - which Burda was it in?

  2. You're quite welcome to come and tidy it up if you like!! The dress is from the April issue, just finihsed making it, easy peasy!