Thursday, July 1, 2010

First cab

Here is the first cab off the rank for the Wardrobe Contest. It is a Burda WOF (I know I know I should be using the new Burda Style title instead of WOF) kids dress from the April 2010 issue.

C’mon Miss C. Let’s put the pretty dress on. Please. Pretty please. No? What do you mean you’re busy, you’re 3.5 for chrissakes! Oh well at least we have a nice pic of the dress on the wall.

Technical drawing courtesy Burda

It is made up in a grey marle cotton knit. Grey marle is one of my perfect fabrics (along with denim), as you can make it up in pretty much any design and it looks good. Have no idea why but I am not going to mess around trying to analyse it!

The dress is super easy to make up, it literally only took me a morning on the overlocker and it was done. I did ignore Burda’s instructions entirely though and changed the neck and armhole finishes.
Disclaimer: the neck and armhole bands are in a cotton ribbing. I like to apply the bands first and then sew seams, sewing through dress and band all in one go. This makes the job quick but you do have to be accurate to get a neat finish.

I traced a size 98 and mad no changes to the pattern. Miss C is currently 95cm tall and the dress is a little on the long side but I wanted to get at least 2 seasons wear out of it.
I added ½ inch seam allowances to shoulder, side seams and flounce seams.
I did not add any seam allowance to neck, armhole or flounce hems (the hems are left as a raw cut edge, but there are lots of possible hem finishes that you could do here).
I made pattern pieces for the neck and armhole bands which was the neck/armhole length x 2/3 and 2 inches wide.

1. Sew one shoulder seam.
2. Fold neck binding in half and press.
3. Sew neck binding to neck, right sides together.
4. Press the heck out of the binding, pressing seam toward dress. This is your last chance while the edge is flat to get a really neat finish so make the most out of it! Once the neck binding is in the round it is much harder to press. If you are wanting to topstitch now is the time.
5. Sew other shoulder seam.
6. Fold armhole bindings in half and press.
7. Sew armhole binding to armhole and press (see above).
8. Sew side seams and press. Sew side seams of flounces and press.
9. Sew lower flounce to hem and press.
10. Sew middle flounce to dress and press.
11. Sew top flounce to dress and press.

A closer view of the dress. Miss C promises to put it on tomorrow for a proper photo shoot. But only if she can wear her knee high gumboots and pink pom pom beanie. We'll see.

I really like this pattern. It’s frilly without being girlie and is easy to make. Miss C is pretty skinny and this is quite a good fit, the pattern doesn’t have much ease or growing room so it’s worth checking body measurements against the pattern before you pick a size. There’s a bit of fiddling around to get the flounces in place but other than that it’s a great dress. I will also use this pattern to make some variations like singlet tops for summer as the fit is so good.

I figure if I can get two garments done a week I can make the end of August deadline for the Contest.

But this may mean some Bad Mummy behaviour, as in ‘sure Miss C, of course you can watch TV all day, just help yourself to the fridge when you get hungry’.

So I may end up with a very well dressed three year old TV zombie by the end of August!!!

I wonder if that’s a bad thing?


  1. Gorgeous dress! I think it's going to look so cute on Miss C, especially styled with her gumboots and pink pompom beanie!

  2. I love the dress. Does it come in an adult version! I bind the same way--so much easier!

  3. Its gorgeous - I'm also a big fan of grey marle and something frilly in grey marle is even better :)

  4. Cindy - would you believe there is an adult version, in Burda june 2009 issue. Here's the link

  5. Really cute! I have that page marked, as I loved it when I first saw it, so Thank You for reminding me of it's existence!