Thursday, July 8, 2010

How to do a photo shoot with a small child

1. Make a chocolate cake. If child is older than 3, make 2. Ice it and put jam in the centre. It doesn’t have to look pretty. Child won’t care.
2. Have washing machine break down so the only clean, available clothes to wear are the ones you want to photograph. You will have to spend the next month badgering The Bloke to fix it or spend every Sunday at the laundromat. Your choice.
3. Make up an incredibly interesting story about how much fun it is to have a ballet lesson (substitute monster demolition derby or whatever is child’s favourite activity at time of photo shoot) with chocolate cake on the verandah. Try not to mention the word ‘camera’.
4. Set up cake and music. Press play and shoot like a crazy person. Three year olds can eat cake VERY quickly. It helps if you have fresh batteries in the camera so child doesn’t demolish cake and take clothes off while you are rummaging around in the string drawer for some new batteries. This is where cake number 2 comes in handy. I learnt the hard way.
5. Post pretty pics on blog and sit back with smug smile on face. Eat cake number 2 if child hasn’t done so already.

Disclaimer: Skip step number 2 if it is summer. Child will probably prefer to go nude than wear clean clothes or any kind of clothing. Give up now.


Better get the last piece

Lazy mummy details

Looks like there is no more cake. Better hit her up for some ice cream.

Stay tuned for serious pattern review and garment details tomorrow. I’m going to have a Bex and lie down.


  1. Very cute outfit and daughter. I hope you had some cake, too!

  2. This is priceless! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Bahahhahahah! The shoes on the wrong feet got me (been there). That's a very cute outfit, love that skirt.

  4. Clothes look great, and she did very well not to get cake and jam all over the front of the shirt and the cream skirt just for the photos! That would have been funny. Love the shoes on the wrong foot, so cute :-)

  5. Wonderful you made my morning :) Your daughter looks very cute in her new outfit.

  6. Great post and very classy outfit!