Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's raining, it's pouring.....

.....and we are outta cake.

So Miss C was allowed to stand on a chair for these pics and that is something she is Not Allowed To Do. As a result I have some nice pics but have set a precedent for mucking about on chairs which is not a good thing.

Hmmm...Mum really should pay more attention to dusting these windowsills

Here is the next garment for Miss C’s wardrobe.

It’s another vintage pattern, this time courtesy of my sister whose pattern and fabric stash puts mine to shame.

I made the short version with pockets and didn’t change anything except for the back fastening.

The pattern
The pattern called for a zip down the centre back and there is no way I am putting a zip into a garment that will get worn for 6-12 months, so I just put in a button and loop (it has to be a pink button Mum, not cream!) at CB neck and cut the back skirt on the fold.

Wonder if this curtain can support 13 kilos....hang on that ric rac trim is matched perfectly at the side seam!

The fabric
A bit of cream corduroy left over from the vintage skirt and some cream and black brushed cotton, both from the opshop at some point. Plus some vintage black ric rac trim.
At a grand total of about $2.50.

There's gotta be a door in here somewhere!

The verdict
Miss C loves this top. It is a great shape and fit, and reminds me a little of the lovely Oliver and S ice cream dress so I am very happy that this one worked out. It has only one size (size 4) so I think I will make a dozen or so versions for summer in some nice breezy prints.

Trouble is Miss C thinks that ALL the drawings on the pattern envelope can be made up. She has requested/demanded that I make a pair of the orange shoes next. Not sure how I am going to tackle that one. I have got a bit of orange leather hanging around somewhere though! But maybe I shouldn’t tell her that.


  1. Haha, thanks for the giggle about the orange shoes...outa the mouths of babes. Have fun with that, cant wait for the photos!

  2. I have only JUST managed to convince my kids that I can't make something that looks EXACTLY like the garment on the envelope drawing... and they're 6 and 7. Love this top! Wish I could get my kids to wear black and white, it looks lovely.

  3. Oh SO cute - the polka dots and ric rac are so adorable - as is the lovely Miss C!!!

  4. Miss C looks adorable in her new dress, love the way that you have used the polka dots and ric rac. Now do they still make that paint for shoes and will it come in orange?

  5. Funny- I don't remember having ever bought that pattern (it's the bowerbird sister here, by the way!). Even funnier- I would have bought it when there were definitely no toddlers on the horizon, too! Must've been the cute illustration, or, more likely, the mad presumption that I would one day get around to grading it up to my size!!

    Goes to show that, yes, those things in the collection do get to be used *one day*!