Thursday, July 22, 2010

Progress report

I am going great guns at the moment, three (countem!) garments finished this week and another cut and ready to sew.

Sewing for little people is so much easier than sewing for me; no fitting issues, no problems if garment is too big as she will grow into it eventually. Only problem I can foresee is that the clothes I have made so far apparently don’t pass the Snow White test. So whether Miss C actually wears them remains to be seen.

Here is what I have completed this week. Another vintage skirt, this time in black chambray, Burda WOF tunic top and Burda WOF shorts with the bluff pocket.

Now I just have to come up with another brilliant scheme to get Miss C to wear them all to get some pics. If she wasn’t such a light sleeper I would dress her in her sleep! But then I would have to iron them on her body. And I don’t think that parents are supposed to do that. Are we?


  1. Haha, maybe you could let her stand in the bathroom, all dressed, while you take a hot shower, so the steam flattens her clothing ;-)

    The garments look great on the hangers. Can't wait to see them on her!

  2. The clothes look great!

    I have pretty much given up on sewing for my children because they never like what I sew. They become oddly attached to a few ratty items in their closets and then wear them into the ground.

  3. Reminds me of the jackets I sewed my kids last winter. I had to pretty much blackmail them into them. And this was after letting them pick fabrics and patterns (ok, pick one each of two fabrics and two patterns, but still). Other items have had more success---usually the ones that need more ironing/careful laundering.

  4. what is this "iron" of which you speak?

    these are totally cute. which means, if they were in my house, that they would almost certainly not pass the Disney Princess Test [since they are not a) covered in sparkles and b) eye-blindingly pink].

    they are still totally cute. good luck!!

  5. Really, really cute. My dd would go berserk over them! Also, you've put an idea in my head, and I had to buy some black stretch denim to make MYSELF a skirt with white topstitching. Hope I don't look like a toddler...

  6. They look very cute...dare I say cool...or is that not 'disney princess enough'? I hope she wears them, they look great and you are on such a roll!

  7. I love the childrens clothes in Burda - I wish I discovered them when our boy was the right age! It must be a good way of using up smaller pieces of fabric!