Thursday, August 19, 2010

I'm done!

I have just managed to complete the last of the 10 garments for the Wardrobe Contest, and managed to squeeze in a photo shoot in between downpours this morning hooray!

Here is the Burda peacoat, which is the topper for the wardrobe (worn over the flounce dress which I blogged about here).

The pattern
I traced a size 98, and only changed the pockets from welt pockets to patch pockets. The great thing about this pattern is the lining pieces are included as well so I didn’t need to do anything except trace. I added ½ inch seam allowance to all seams. I usually add ¼ inch to things like collars and facings but as I wasn’t going to muck around with a toile I thought the extra s.a might be handy. And added 1 inch to hems.

The fabric
Black cotton chambray, with a cotton print lining. Luckily I realised the print was in one direction and managed to cut it out properly. The buttons were reclaimed fromm a cardi that was on the way to the scrap bin. I underlined the lining with a very lightweight vintage wool for extra warmth.

The verdict
I am really glad that I made this coat instead of the trench that I was planning. It has a great shape and the best thing is that the raglan sleeves are quite roomy. I have bought a few RTW jackets that Miss C has hardly worn as the sleeves are too narrow to fit over chunky woollen knits.
It is not a quick project though, essentially it is a fully lined, bagged jacket so quite time consuming to make, especially with all that topstitching, but it will be great for the last months of winter and hopefully next year as well.

Weird fact: Burda kids patterns have freakishly long sleeves, every pattern I have had to chop quite a bit of the sleeve but not the length,maybe they think kids arms grow before the rest of them?

Some more pics....just because

Hey was this big! was this big!

Wonder what time the bus gets here?


That's it....I'm walking home. Put my cheque in the mail.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Button plackets won't kill you......

Sewing is underway on the peacoat...but in the meantime I am playing catch up with posting the other garments that are finished.

This is outfit number 3 for Miss C’s wardrobe.....a cotton voile top from Burda WOF March 2009 and a chambray version of the vintage skirt.

I'm a mod I'm a mod...yeah, yeah yeah!

I don’t know why I have put off doing button plackets; I had forgotten how easy they are to do. But Burda’s instructions are a bit bamboozling, for one thing they very rarely say vital info like put right sides of fabric together, or place wrong side of fabric to right side of garment, and I haven’t felt like trawling the net or going through all my old sewing notes to find out how to do it.

But then I discovered Burda had more detailed instructions (with pictures!) in the January 2009 issue (for a grown ups top but the theory is the same). So that made it easier.

The pattern
I cut a size 98 and didn’t do any alterations to the design or pattern. The top fits Miss C perfectly, which means tomorrow it won’t, so if I make it again I will go up a size.

The fabric
Cotton voile print (which I used for this top, just have to remember not to wear them at the same time!), with a watermelon cotton print for the placket and bias binding. Plus buttons from the stash.

The sewing
Once the button placket is done there is nothing tricky here. I did french seams as the voile is quite fine, and I used a bias binding for the sleeve hem rather than a topstitched hem.

I also changed the button placement as Burda had a button and buttonhole placed on the bias band and my buttons were too large for the width of the band. I have a feeling that sewing a button and buttonhole on that skinny band would be nigh on impossible anyhoo.

The verdict
I love this top! It is easy to sew and a great fit. There is way too much ease in the shoulder though so I will get rid of some of that when I sew it again. I like the idea of long sleeve cotton tops for summer, less chance of sunburn and a lot cooler to wear than singlet tops or t-shirts.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Drum roll.........

I have made a decision! Thank you to everyone who posted a comment on my trench coat dilemma. I have managed to merge everyone’s suggestions into a solution (I think).

I am going to hold off on the trench coat and save it for when she is a bit bigger and will, fingers crossed, get a couple of years wear out of it. And I have replaced it with this peacoat from Burda’s January 2009 issue.

I like the slightly flared shape, which I think will sit nicely over the fuller, flared tops in the wardrobe and I think that this style is probably a bit more appropriate for a little’un!

So the plan is to use the last bit of my black chambray, line with the animal print and use my wool fabric to underline the lining (the Burda instructions suggest a quilted lining but I figure underlining the lining will do the trick).

And by the by, I just discovered the 3.1 Phillip Lim collection for kids via Bloesem Kids.
I would even like to wear some of those outfits myself!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Need some help here.....

So I have managed to complete 9 out of the 10 garments required for the Wardrobe Contest, yay for me! And as soon as The Wriggler decides to cooperate I will photograph and review the last couple of ones. But all in good time.

This now leaves me a whole month for The Big Project.

The Contest requires 1 garment to be a topper, that is, it can be worn over the other garments.

I pinned the whole theme of the wardrobe around the fact that I was going to do this trench coat from Burda.

But now I’m having second thoughts.

For one thing, it is freezing cold at the moment and Miss C actually needs a warm coat, for another the smallest size is 104, which means it won’t fit her until at least next year, and I am so used to doing quick projects that the idea of having to concentrate on a detailed project is a bit daunting. And the final thing niggling away at me is the question of whether a trench coat for a 3 year old is just too much! Sure they look great on cool kids on the streets of Tokyo or New York, but we live in the Town That Worships at the Alter of Polar Fleece.

I could line the jacket with a lightweight cream wool to up the warmth factor, but I was wanting to use this cotton print for the lining (the outer fabric will be black chambray with white topstitching).

Or I could just ditch the whole project and make a sensible warm winter coat out of some wool scraps I have hanging around.

What do you reckon, discerning blogland souls that you are?! Should I stick with the plan and spend a month making something that may not even get worn, or should I jump ship now and move onto a different project?