Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Need some help here.....

So I have managed to complete 9 out of the 10 garments required for the Wardrobe Contest, yay for me! And as soon as The Wriggler decides to cooperate I will photograph and review the last couple of ones. But all in good time.

This now leaves me a whole month for The Big Project.

The Contest requires 1 garment to be a topper, that is, it can be worn over the other garments.

I pinned the whole theme of the wardrobe around the fact that I was going to do this trench coat from Burda.

But now I’m having second thoughts.

For one thing, it is freezing cold at the moment and Miss C actually needs a warm coat, for another the smallest size is 104, which means it won’t fit her until at least next year, and I am so used to doing quick projects that the idea of having to concentrate on a detailed project is a bit daunting. And the final thing niggling away at me is the question of whether a trench coat for a 3 year old is just too much! Sure they look great on cool kids on the streets of Tokyo or New York, but we live in the Town That Worships at the Alter of Polar Fleece.

I could line the jacket with a lightweight cream wool to up the warmth factor, but I was wanting to use this cotton print for the lining (the outer fabric will be black chambray with white topstitching).

Or I could just ditch the whole project and make a sensible warm winter coat out of some wool scraps I have hanging around.

What do you reckon, discerning blogland souls that you are?! Should I stick with the plan and spend a month making something that may not even get worn, or should I jump ship now and move onto a different project?


  1. I love the lion fabric! I reckon a pea-coat in wool would be really nice. And quicker. Isn't there a nice pattern in one of the old Burdas?
    On the other hand, the trench coat is gorgeous (I wish there was one in my size!), and winter will be over soon (fingers crossed!)...Also- who knows what kind of glamorous locales the l'il lady may be visiting in the next year or two?

    Sorry, that's probably not very helpful!

  2. Make the coat, underline it for warmth (ok, it will change the drape but will still look good) and a trench coat is not too much for a 3 yo. I should know: I bought one for mine last year and am planning to sew the next :)

  3. Here's what I would do (but, you know, I'm goofy): first make a quick-and-easy knit sweater/hoodie/jacket (i.e. something with a zip from Ottobre), using something cute. It won't take long, there's room for moderate-and-cute embellishment and then you have your topper piece finished. Then go back to the trench. The pressure will be off, because you technically have a topper piece done, so it will be much more fun to work on and if it doesn't fit yet, so be it.

  4. I loved the baby-sized trench-coat my kids had---the whole project sounds delicious! And so classy! I'd agree with interlining if you're worried about the warmth.

    BUT a pea-coat would also be darling (I made one for one of my daughters last winter) and perhaps drive you less batty. Nothing wrong with that. I agree with some of the others, you can still tackle a trench-coat later. :)

  5. Hmm - I'm also from a city where a trench-coat wearing kid would be looked at twice. I say make something else that the kiddo will actually wear. There's nothing more off-putting than spending hours and hours sewing a garment that you know probably won't get worn. I do wish that I lived in a city where trenchcoats were worn by 3 year olds - Paris would be nice :)

  6. I love your blog! Love your style. And on that note, totally love the trench coat for kids. I say go for the trench coat!! If you have no other projects to distract I think it will be wonderful.

    I have a 4 year old and I'm very keen on a trench for her. We are at the end of Winter so hopefully will be perfect for Spring weather. I love plain outer and fun fabric inside. However have been inspired by a recent Burda which had a little girl in a floral trench. So gorgeous!!