Monday, September 27, 2010


Spring has well and truly sprung here, and while this is good in so many ways (as in no more lugging firewood through the house and a bountiful vegie patch), the constant sunshine is seriously cramping my sewing time.

I haven’t even had time to work through some of the fantastic suggestions that were made for fixing my doily top! Thank you to everyone who commented, I am leaning toward appliqué, but since I haven’t done anything like this since high school, the results may be a little wonky.

But then again wonky can be charming. Sometimes. Usually by other people.

So to avoid any applique disasters today, Miss C and I went shopping and discovered that the very last general store in our town is closing down. In two weeks.
This store is the only place in town to get notions and fabric, and the next closest is 100 km away, so I figured that I had better stock up while the doors were still open.

The great thing about this store was the stock. I am sure most of it was purchased in 1967.

I got the last 3 metres of a cotton spotted seersucker, some hot pink ric rac trim, assorted coloured thread and Miss C was let loose in the button department.

Check out the small print....Made in Japan!

We are going back tomorrow.
After I hit up The Bloke for more cash.
Now I really have to sell some garments!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reject #1

After a lot of chasing Miss C around in the futile hope of getting her to stand still long enough for fittings, I have managed to produce one garment.

A nice little tank top in a woven chambray.

The fit is great.

It is nice and loose with plenty of room for movement and I am happy with the construction standard so far.

But the doily is a bit how’s your father.

This top needs a trim but I am just not a doily kind of girl.

Funnily enough I am more interested in the inside of the top. The stitching line has created a nice shape that I think has more potential than a bit of nanna’s crochet.

So the pattern is a keeper but this one still needs some work I am afraid.
May try it in one of my printed voiles and see what happens.
At this rate my garments will be selling for Summer 2011 instead of 2010!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have been forging ahead on the sew for money plan this week.

Lots of designing and playing around with fabrics and trims.

I have narrowed the range down to 5 items. I reckon that will be manageable. I have also aimed for the garments to be very simple pieces with minimal notions and trims, that way the only money I will have to spend will be on the odd reel of thread.

So I have
1. Woven tank top
2. Woven smock top
3. Dress
4. Skirt
5. Shorts

Now I just have to refine the details and draft a bodice block to get started.

I also spent some time reading the very excellent How to start a homebased handmade sewing business series at Fashion Incubator as well.

I am putting off doing the business stuff, costing sheets and the like until I have the prototypes sewn. No point in doing the boring work if the designs are a flop!

Our first Christmas fair is on the 4th November. I’ve booked a stall. That’s less than 2 months. I can sew one top a day. And I don’t sew on weekends.

I may have to call in reinforcements!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I’ve got 12 months.....

Erm.......I hope I haven’t misled you with that title!

What I mean is that I have just over 12 months before I have to go back to a day job.

Unless I can figure out a way to earn money at home that is.

Before I had kids I had never imagined that I would be a stay at home mum. I expected that I would be back at full time work after a year and life would be as it was. That’s not how it panned out though. And darn it I have gotten used to sewing and mucking around with the kid every day.


I have a plan.

And while I always swore that I would never sew for money (and despite being employed in the fashion industry for 12 years, I never actually had to design or patternmake on a regular basis, I just used to tell others how to do it!) that seems to be my only option.

And while I know all the pitfalls about trying to sell homemade garments and am hopelessly out of sync with the industry buying timeframes I am going to forge ahead regardless.

This is my fabric palette for a second summer range for girls aged 2-5years or thereabouts.

I figure that I have enough fabric to quickly make up some simple styles in time for all of our Christmas fairs and markets in November. Then, if I get a good reaction develop a first winter range for the shops.

The plus: it’s all from the stash so technically I don’t have to actually spend any cash to start production, just my time.

The minus: no more sewing for me.

I will need to draft some basic blocks from scratch to make the patterns but I do have a (sometimes) willing fit model so that shouldn’t take too long.

What could go wrong?

I might not sell anything. In which case Miss C will have a larger than average summer wardrobe.

Or, I sell everything and I have a real business on my hands.

Perhaps that is what I am really afraid of.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I promise....

...that this will be the last post re Miss C’s wardrobe.

Here is a pic with all the pieces together.

I haven’t posted info about 2 of the pieces on this blog, but to save some time and my sanity, if you are interested, the Review of the navy animal print tunic is here, and the Review of the harem pant is here.


And of course Miss C had to ‘help’ with the photo shoot!

Time for some ballet practice Mum!

Run run as fast as you can......

Oh, and if you are a Pattern Review member you can go ahead and vote for me. Go on, I know you want to!