Monday, September 27, 2010


Spring has well and truly sprung here, and while this is good in so many ways (as in no more lugging firewood through the house and a bountiful vegie patch), the constant sunshine is seriously cramping my sewing time.

I haven’t even had time to work through some of the fantastic suggestions that were made for fixing my doily top! Thank you to everyone who commented, I am leaning toward appliqué, but since I haven’t done anything like this since high school, the results may be a little wonky.

But then again wonky can be charming. Sometimes. Usually by other people.

So to avoid any applique disasters today, Miss C and I went shopping and discovered that the very last general store in our town is closing down. In two weeks.
This store is the only place in town to get notions and fabric, and the next closest is 100 km away, so I figured that I had better stock up while the doors were still open.

The great thing about this store was the stock. I am sure most of it was purchased in 1967.

I got the last 3 metres of a cotton spotted seersucker, some hot pink ric rac trim, assorted coloured thread and Miss C was let loose in the button department.

Check out the small print....Made in Japan!

We are going back tomorrow.
After I hit up The Bloke for more cash.
Now I really have to sell some garments!


  1. Wow! Sad to see it go, but what a great chance to buy up vintage trimmings.

  2. Wow, those must be vintage... "made in Japan"! Nothing's made in Japan anymore, is it? I mean, nothing that doesn't involved superconductors and microchips.

    Great haul, but sad to hear the store is closing.