Thursday, September 16, 2010


I have been forging ahead on the sew for money plan this week.

Lots of designing and playing around with fabrics and trims.

I have narrowed the range down to 5 items. I reckon that will be manageable. I have also aimed for the garments to be very simple pieces with minimal notions and trims, that way the only money I will have to spend will be on the odd reel of thread.

So I have
1. Woven tank top
2. Woven smock top
3. Dress
4. Skirt
5. Shorts

Now I just have to refine the details and draft a bodice block to get started.

I also spent some time reading the very excellent How to start a homebased handmade sewing business series at Fashion Incubator as well.

I am putting off doing the business stuff, costing sheets and the like until I have the prototypes sewn. No point in doing the boring work if the designs are a flop!

Our first Christmas fair is on the 4th November. I’ve booked a stall. That’s less than 2 months. I can sew one top a day. And I don’t sew on weekends.

I may have to call in reinforcements!


  1. Your sketches look absolutely gorgeous - I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished products :)

  2. I'm a fan of your blog and am anxious to see your venture progresses/prospers. Please share your process as I am mentally planning a similar mission. Don't forget about Etsy when you start selling. I might free up your time since you'd only need to make samples to post.

  3. Good luck - I hope this all works out for you...anything beats going back to work (for me anyway!).