Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I promise....

...that this will be the last post re Miss C’s wardrobe.

Here is a pic with all the pieces together.

I haven’t posted info about 2 of the pieces on this blog, but to save some time and my sanity, if you are interested, the Review of the navy animal print tunic is here, and the Review of the harem pant is here.


And of course Miss C had to ‘help’ with the photo shoot!

Time for some ballet practice Mum!

Run run as fast as you can......

Oh, and if you are a Pattern Review member you can go ahead and vote for me. Go on, I know you want to!


  1. Miss C is one lucky girl! What a great idea to make a child's wardrobe for a pattern review contest.

  2. I really like those pants Miss C is wearing there! I've been wanting an outfit like that for myself. Nice to see that she's ok with getting her photo taken again!