Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reject #1

After a lot of chasing Miss C around in the futile hope of getting her to stand still long enough for fittings, I have managed to produce one garment.

A nice little tank top in a woven chambray.

The fit is great.

It is nice and loose with plenty of room for movement and I am happy with the construction standard so far.

But the doily is a bit how’s your father.

This top needs a trim but I am just not a doily kind of girl.

Funnily enough I am more interested in the inside of the top. The stitching line has created a nice shape that I think has more potential than a bit of nanna’s crochet.

So the pattern is a keeper but this one still needs some work I am afraid.
May try it in one of my printed voiles and see what happens.
At this rate my garments will be selling for Summer 2011 instead of 2010!


  1. The doily is cute, IMHO, but maybe you might like some sort of ruffle effect out of the same fabric?

  2. hmm, perhaps having the doily off centre on the neckline and even over a shoulder would bring it more into a modern look?

    O perhaps have the doily not sticthed down on the bottom, so it has some movement?

    How exciting desiging your own range!

  3. Doily is not my thing, but probably a lot of people would like it. On the othe hand, I agree about the inside. Maybe an outside-facing facing top-stitched? That would be subtle (which is I'm just assuming more what you're going for since that seems like your aesthetic).

  4. I think you could get a whole range of "different" tops out of this one pattern with slightly different adornments---a ruffle, a button placket, a top-stitched outer facing like Beangirl suggested. The doily is cute and I'm sure lots of people would love it, but yeah, not as classy as a lot of your other stuff for C.

  5. I like the top, but if you are not happy with the doily perhaps you could remove it and top stitch along those same stitching lines with a shiny rayon thread for a tone on tone look. I think that would be cute.