Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The big reveal.....and a giveaway!

I am finally in business!!!!

Here are (most) of the pieces from my Spring/Summer 2010 range for girls.

The fabrics are all cotton; voiles and chambray, with some vintage trims thrown into the mix.

I still have some styles to update my Etsy shop but should have them all up in the next couple of days.

And to celebrate I am having a true blue giveaway!

The winner of the giveaway will be able to select their choice of any garment from the range in the size of their choice. And I am willing to post anywhere in the world! For nix!

So pop on over to my shop, have a goosey gander, come back and leave a comment to be in the running.

Followers will also get a bonus entry, but comments must be posted by midnight Sunday 7th November (my time, as in Eastern Standard Daylight Savings time in Australia, whatever that may be in your neck of the woods!).

And just for fun, here are some outtakes from the photo shoots (where Miss C had horror head colds both times!!!).

Knock Knock! Its Goldilocks, let me in! Darn those bears locking the door!

Tissue please!

Luckily Auntie Gail was on hand to be chief hand holder and nose wiper!

I thought I made myself clear last time, no cake = no posing!

Now I am going to make something for MYSELF!
For some strange reason I have a hankering for jersey pants.
Which may or may not be a good idea!


  1. How exciting, congratulations! THe garments look adorable, great job, I'm sure they will be a big succes!

  2. I love your clothes. Good on you for making a business out of something you enjoy. I wish I could! I'm torn between the Scallopini tank and the cooking with betty skirt. So pretty.

  3. The clothes look great! I am interested to hear what you think of setting up an etsy shop and how it all goes. I hope you get lots of Xmas orders!

  4. I really like the Scallopini tank also! It is something any little girl (mine included) would be proud to wear! You did a great job! I am glad everything came together.

  5. Congratulations. Your etsy store is going to be a huge success - all the garments are beautiful and super-cute!

  6. Good luck with your business. Unfortunately, my kids are now taller than I am, or I'd be one of your first customers. It looks like you've devised a great first "collection" that has the right balance of originality, charm and practicality, without anything too "cutsey-yicky."
    And of course, the model is adorable. It may be tough at first, but this could actually wipe the surly off your blog!

  7. The clothes look amazing Sandra! Very cute model as well. My favourites, along with everyone else it seems, are the Scallopini tank and the cooking with Betty skirt. Those scallops are so gorgeous!