Thursday, November 18, 2010

Muu muu anyone?

In my hasty desperation to sew something for myself after months of sewing kids clothes, I am afraid that I have made The Wrong Dress.

This is New Look 6698 in a cotton muslin with an embroidered border.

I think I was seduced by the *easy tag on the envelope, and the fact that we are starting to get hot days and the idea of jeans is no longer appealing.

But there are some things I know about clothing that should never be overlooked!

1. I am not blonde, tall or waif like.
2. Empire line styles make me look like a cartoon character from Ancient Greece (and not one of the pretty ones).
3. Dresses are not in my vocabulary. I have not worn a dress since I was pregnant with Miss C (like 4 years ago) and that was only because I couldn’t turn up to work in my pyjamas.

I only have the side seams and hem to do, so I may as well finish it and see if it can be saved with some suave maybe wearing a full length trench coat over the top!

Or if all else fails it might just suffice as a nightie. Which is something I haven’t worn since I was 7.


Karin said...

Beach cover up perhaps?

I think you are thin, I am guessing you just aren't statuesque. This is the sort of style where both are required, I think.

I live in pants/trousers/jeans too. Lately, I haven't seen many patterns for these that inspire me.

tanitisis said...

I *like* empire waists,but I don't think I could pull this one off, either... nor am I a dress person, really, except layered over jeans. You never know, though---maybe with a wide, cinched belt? (if you're one of those who can cinch... I'm not but live in envy of those who can ;) )

Totally ready to do some sewing for myself at this end, too. Jeans or a sweater.

beangirl said...

That's fab fabric.




Maybe since you haven't done the side seams yet, you can take it in a bunch and make it more fitted.


That's all I've got.

Mon Alisa Design said...

I'll have it hon! I LOVE your work :)