Thursday, November 25, 2010

Muu muu averted

Thanks to Beangirl’s suggestion to take in the side seams, I think that I have managed to sidestep a muu muu disaster!

Here is the finished dress from last weeks post.

New Look 6698

I cut a size 14, and ended up taking in the side seams by about ½” .
The pattern is super easy with no shoulder seams, a centre back seam, skirt gathered onto the bodice, and machine stitched hems.

This is actually the first New Look pattern that I have ever made and it went together pretty well.

The main thing for me though is the *ahem* bust point. There is a big difference between a 20 year olds bust point and a nearly 40 year olds. As in mine is closer to my waist than my shoulder!

Evidence of 20 odd years of gravity on the human body.

So the empire line isn’t technically an empire line on me, and the seam actually sits over my bust rather than under.

So I chose not to put elastic all around the empire seam as the pattern does, and just stitched elastic on the back. Which makes the back fit quite nicely.

Proof that everything looks better with a denim jacket.

Makes me think now that I need to keep sewing dresses to find out what suits me.

And Alisa, I think that you will probably be seeing this little number quite a bit at the Kandos Pool over summer!


  1. It looks really good with some of the bulk taken out. Nice save! Surely we can have our bust points where ever we want them with the right bra! :) (Am I just kidding myself?)

  2. Good save! I think more to the point, the model doesn't have as much for her dress to cover. This seems to be a common problem with empire-lines of any pattern. :)

  3. I love it. It was well worth the effort. Sometimes we seamstresses have to channel our "Inner Sinatra" and do it our way!

  4. Looks great! I think this is going to be one of those "At first I didn't like it, but now I'm crazy about it" dresses for you. Great save!

  5. Excellent, I like it! I have all sorts of trouble with empire lines, despite good ones being very flattering. I can't get away with the "laying on my bustline" look but you totally can. Nice save!

    I used to say to myself, "Gravity sucks." Now I mostly just say, "Twenty-year-olds suck." Clearly I'm turning into a crotchity old woman.

  6. Very pretty! The dress was worth saving for the detailing on the bottom of the dress alone! Gorgeous!

  7. Nice save - the fabric is absolutely gorgeous, it would have been such a shame to waste it. I think the empire seam being across the bust gives it a japanese vibe - I like it.

  8. It looks great! And yes, the weather is FINALLY suitable enough for a day at the pool. I love the Kandos Pool!!

  9. Kudos to you. Looks lovely paired with denim.


  10. Oh wow!! I love it!! I think you should donate it to me ;-) It's me all over, haha. It looks fab! Well done!

  11. Hi! Linked here because Tanitisis. The photos made me think of a quote from "Coupling".

    "Breasts are a journey, your feet are their destination!"

    Anyway, nice save and good job on the styling!