Monday, December 13, 2010

Cheap as chips Christmas wreath

This project may or may not be cheap depending on how you go about it, but for me it cost me nix as I had all the materials on hand (thank you ever increasing stash!).

The criteria for our Christmas craft projects this year is that it has to makeable with the materials I have on hand, and suitable for Miss C to pitch in.

And this scrappy Christmas wreath fit the bill. I found the original idea here and thought this would be perfect for us, no gluing or stapling or fiddly bits and as Miss C has just mastered knots it was a great opportunity for her to practice!
Here is how we did it.

1. Make a wire circle. I used millinery wire (the stuff that is covered in paper) as I had some lying around but any wire would be fine. Mine measured roughly 11 inches in diameter.
2. Cut strips of polyester wadding or any other thickish material and wind it around the wire circle to pad it out.
3. You could of course skip the above and buy a ready made foam wreath or something similar but I am not brave enough to enter the Christmas craft den of our local store at this time of year.
4. Cut strips of fabric (mine were about 12 inches x 1 ½ inches). No need to be too perfect about it. Some can be a bit longer or thinner depending on what scraps you have on hand.

5. Start tying the strips onto the wire circle. I started with all my red fabrics as I wanted mostly red in the design, then neutrals and then a small amount of greens.

6. Keep tying strips until the wadding is completely covered. I just did this pretty randomly, making sure the knots were placed at different points on the circle.
7. Trim any long stray bits if you need to.
8. Add a bow and a ribbon for hanging and you’re done!

So now the tree is up, the wreath is done and I have a whole two weeks to squeeze in some other projects!


  1. I love it! It looks great, and I am so impressed that you created it with things you already had on hand.

  2. What a great idea---and here I went and bought one (though I probably don't have many good fabrics on hand anyway...)

    Love Miss C's expressions showing the construction :)