Thursday, February 17, 2011

The battle plan

Judging by the comments from my last post, readers of this blog are uncommonly smart or my quizzes just aren’t hard enough!

Thank you for all of your nice comments; I am coming up to 20 weeks this week, so pretty much at the half way point. Early pregnancy is pretty dicey for me, we have had a few scares and hospital visits but so far all is looking good.

I have come to realise though that this is not going to be a ‘normal’ pregnancy. With Miss C I worked up until a week before she was born and pretty much ignored the whole pregnancy business except for vital doctor visits.

This time round though my ankles have already disappeared, the doctor has ordered me on light duties only (lucky that includes sewing) and I am the size of a small mini van, so I think some planning is in order.

And going by other people’s twin pregnancy experiences, I can probably expect to be unable to fit behind the wheel of a car or manage anything other than a walk around the block after 30 weeks or so.

Which means I have a scant 10 weeks to get things in order.

This is what I have on The Plan so far:
1. Make some more cloth 20 or so. And covers.
2. Make 2 cot quilts.
3. Sew Miss C’s winter wardrobe.
4. Sew some things for the shop.
5. Sew some things for me.
6. Spend some quality time with Miss C.
7. Buy another freezer and cook 6 months worth of provisions.

I already feel like I am preparing for battle rather than babies!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pop Quiz #1

What do I have in common with the following women?

A. I am married
B. I get mobbed by the paparazzi when I pop down to the shops in my trackie dacks**
C. I am having twins (yikes!!)

*for those of you living outside Australia, Princess Mary is a former Tasmanian who met Prince Frederick of Denmark in a bar in Paddington during the Sydney Olympics, married him and is now officially known as Australia’s own claim to actual royalty.

**Australian slang for tracksuit pants.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Surviving the slump

January always seems to be a difficult month for me. As much as I love all the lead up to, and the fun and games of Christmas and New Year, January seems to be a vacuum of not much to do.

In Australia it is school holidays for the month, and living in a small country town, a lot of the services and activities that are usually available shut up shop, so we are pretty much left to make up our own fun. And while we have had swimming lessons and visitors and a bit of travelling scattered through the month, I have had zero motivation to do anything except the most essential chores.

But today is a new month, and Miss C’s first full day at preschool. Which means, as of today I have a whole 12 hours a week to MYSELF!!!!!!!! For the first time in 4 years. And as I am all too aware of the countless weekends and evenings I wasted doing nothing BC (before children), I am determined to make the most of this time.
So to get the unslumping started I treated myself to some brand new Vogue patterns courtesy of recent sale.

They are all dresses and while some of these probably won’t factor into my immediate wardrobe, they will be nice for when I get back to work, and it will be satisfying to work on some more difficult projects now that I have the time.

So now I just have to wait for the postie to arrive, sort through the stash, put my feet up and have a cuppa!

Gosh it’s quiet here today! Might go see what the cat is doing!