Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dang and blast!

That’s the kind of title you get when you have been reading Roald Dahl’s Fantastic Mr Fox every day for the last two weeks!

I could have called this post The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men, but seeing as I am not a mouse or a man quoting Dahl will have to suffice.

Despite being at preschool now for almost a month, Miss C has probably only been to three or four sessions. First up was a bout of gastro that went through the whole household and saw me being laid up in hospital overnight, which was no fun at all.
Then we at least managed to have one healthy week to squeeze in a birthday (Miss C is 4!) and the local Show (fair, fete or whatever you may like to call them) and then we all get the flu! Boo hoo!

And it is only this week that Miss C can get back to school and I can get back on my feet.

I did get to my local op shop though, and lucked on to picking up a total of 46 Burda mags dating from 1971 through to 1981! At first I saw a small pile of them and thought ‘You Beauty” and then turned around to find this ginormous pile, and all for the paltry sum of $5!!!!!!

I even had to call The Bloke to come and help me carry them to the car!

The chances of me actually making any of the patterns up for myself though are pretty small. I don’t really suit shirt dresses or zip front polyester pantsuits (although I did have a strong urge to dress like the Bionic Woman sometime in the late 70’s) but some of the kidswear is really cute and by golly just look at those recipes!!!!

I had completely forgotten how effective tinned pineapple and a glace cherry can be as a garnish!!!

And every single issue is complete with pattern sheets and English supplement! And seeing as how I live in a very small town that is three hours drive from the nearest city, I am still completely flabbergasted that something like this turns up in my local neighbourhood.

I am thinking that the original owner must have been pretty switched on to be a Burda subscriber (in German no less) in a country town in Australia in the 1970’s.

Now I just have to trawl through them to pick out the gems.
This could take some time.


  1. I am so AMAZED by this find of yours. Nothing like that every happens to me. Totally jealous! Even if you never make a thing, what a great thing to play with.

  2. That sounds like the last three weeks around here... the kids have been taking turns at every ailment on the planet.

    What an amazing find! Hey, you could always use the ones you don't like for giveaway fodder... ;) (says the girl with the thing for 70s dress patterns)

  3. Score...great find- I too came across an old pile of patterns recently and wondered about their original owner, clearly a lady with fine style and vision who fortunately was my size....

  4. That is an amazing score - $5!

  5. Well, lay the pile aside for about 9 weeks. You'll need something to do while waiting for the twins to arrive, after you're put on bed rest.

    I once knew a nurse who had triplets, and she was able to talk her OB/GYN and his partners into bringing in a small army of fellow nurses and delivering all 3 naturally. I don't think I would want to do that.

  6. Tanit-Isis: great idea! Have noticed that unlike modern Burda's, the 70's ones aren't multi size. Some of the patterns only come in one or two sizes so I think that there will be quite a few that can go on the giveaway pile.
    Marjie: triplets naturally ack! I am still in denial about the whole delivery thing, think I'll just close my eyes and hope a professional takes over!