Thursday, April 14, 2011

Winter sewing

We have definately turned the corner from summer toward winter here, and while we are still getting lovely mild sunny days, our nights and mornings are distinctly chilly.

So I really really need to get some winter sewing done. And firewood collecting. And freezer meals stockpiled.

And I only have 12 weeks now to D (delivery) Day. Eeep.

I find that I don’t really sew a lot in winter. I think because it is getting much harder to source good quality winter weight fabrics; the proliferation of polar fleece and awful polyester and acrylic fabrics seemed to have edged out wool these days, and so I tend to buy most of my winter wardrobe from op shops. I don’t knit either so making hand knits myself is out of the picture.

I could of course learn to knit but then that just opens up a whole new avenue of stash collecting and obsessing over patterns so I think I might just save that for retirement!

I don’t really need clothes for me, but Miss C has grown out of all of last years gear so a new wardrobe is definitely in order for her. And being at preschool means lots of warm sweaters and outdoor clothes are needed.

To get around the lack of winter stash fabrics and my current complete lack of desire to actually shop for new fabrics, I came up with the bright idea of sourcing second hand wool jumpers and refashioning them to fit Miss C. I had the following criteria; the knits had to be pure wool, they had to be machine washable and in nice enough colours that I didn’t have to muck around with dyeing them. I managed to find 2. Oh well. It is a good start.

I have made some progress on sweater number one. It is a grey knit from around about the 1960’s judging by the label design and the zipper in the centre back, and too small for me so Miss C was in luck.

First up I unpicked the side seams and then cut off the ribbed cuffs and waistband. That took about 20 minutes. Chasing Miss C around to get a photo and actually fit the darn thing on took about 3 days.

Help! Save me from the oversized sweater tickle monster!

Then I just sewed the cuffs and band back on to the jumper using the overlocker and sewed up the side seams, sewing through the bands. Easy peasy. It does need some kind of embellishment though to stop it looking like a regulation school jumper so it’s not finished just yet.

Inside construction of sweater

But that of course could take another 3 weeks going by my current motivation to do nothing besides sit around and eat!

What are you planning on sewing for the new season?

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  1. What a fantastic idea! My 3 yo daughter is moving from an all-indoors preschool to a mostly outdoors one, and I too am having trouble with warm jumpers for her as winter approaches, esp. as I don't want everything to be pink and polar fleece. I will have to copy this idea when I'm next browsing in the op shops!