Monday, May 16, 2011

Sweater love

I can’t believe it has taken me a whole month to get 2 sweaters done!

And to only have Miss C announce ‘But you know I don’t wear GREY Mum!”

Sigh. And both the sweaters are more like a size 6 or 7 so they won’t be getting any wear this winter. Maybe in a few years pink will be off the list and grey will be back on.

But I am happy with how they turned out. Using op shop knits and refashioning them, while a bit fiddly, is a good way of getting some nice warm sweaters that I know I can bung in the washing machine without fear of shrinkage. And they don’t really need to be ironed either which is a bonus.

And now with 7 weeks to go I am well and truly on the baby countdown, and most of my childfree time is going to be taken up with doctors and hospital visits, so those visions of lovely piles of handmade infant clothing are slowly fading I am afraid!


  1. They look gorgeous! Can you email me your details m'love? -can do so via my profile. I hope those babies are behaving themselves xxx

  2. The sweaters are really cute. She might come around to grey by the time she is big enough to wear it!