Thursday, May 26, 2011

Topstitching me out!

I am finally getting around to making up a cute vintage pinafore dress for Miss C but have hit a snag.
I have a purplish pinkish pinwale cord fabric but cannot match the colour to a thread for the topstitching.
So when faced with the same problem do you go a shade darker or lighter when choosing the thread?
I could of course just run up a sample using 2 different colours and see what looks best, that would be kinda smart, but I thought polling the sewing/blogging populace might be fun!
So, opinions please!

Technically challenged note: poll is located on sidebar to the right of this post. I could not for the life of me figure out how to put it into the actual post!


  1. I would go a shade darker rather than a shade lighter. Also, what about a bright, altogether contrasting colour?

  2. Heh, I was about to say exactly what Karin said. Great minds?

  3. I voted for darker, but in fact what I would most likely do is a contrast color. But then, I'm not too bright. Oh wait! That's what the other two said too. Ok, either we're all not too bright, or I'm smarter than I thought. I'll let you decide which one I'm going with.

  4. I would also consider using 2 strands of different colours to see if that works better.

  5. I voted Darker just because of the style.

    My immediate thought upon reading of your dilemma was what will your daughter be wearing the garment with and being a pinwale I'm thinking it will be a winter garment so darker seemed a given.

    I'm sure whatever you choose will be perfect!

  6. This is the post for you:

  7. I think you can go either way, maybe think about what she'll be wearing it with and see if you can match colours to that? Normally I'd go darker if I wasn't sure, but my daughter has a very cute dark denim dress with a triple row of top stitching in pale blue, pale pink and white!

  8. I'd run up a sample! I think the general rule is to choose the darker option, but in my experience I sometimes I think the lighter is less noticeable. It really depends on your fabric - pinwale has shadows and highlights so hopefully will be easy to match!