Thursday, June 16, 2011

Giving the game away

I know that I will be revealing the bubs gender by posting this before delivery day (and no, I am not having triplets! One of these rompers is for my sister who is expecting her first baby a couple of weeks after I am due), but I figured that my computer time will be severely limited shortly and I was quite proud of myself for getting at least one cute baby thing made up!

The pattern

The pattern is a vintage Simplicity, dated 1971 and sized for a 6 month old, which times in perfectly with our next summer.

The sewing
I made up the romper suit with the shoulder fastening in 3 different cotton prints.
All the fabric and trims came from the stash, 2 of the fabrics were op shop finds and the yellow was a newish piece that I think I picked up from a remnant table about a year ago.

The pattern sewed up really nicely, and this is the first commercial pattern that I have used that actually outlines a commercial/industrial construction order which was a pleasant surprise.

The only changes I made were to move the elastic casing to the lower edge of the pant in order to do away with the frill and I inserted snap tape along the crotch seam instead of sewing it closed to allow for quick nappy changes.

The verdict
I love this pattern! I have already cut out another 2 versions. Whether they get sewn up though is another matter, as I am now at 37 weeks and moving very slowly!

Although when I was taking the pics, I did not notice that the sizing seems rather large for a 6 month bub. Miss C is quite petite for her age, but these rompers would actually fit her quite nicely!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vintage kids dress.........done!

Thank you everyone who weighed in on my topstitching dilemma from the last post.

In the end I decided to go with the majority who voted for a darker colour because a) you are all very smart and b) I had an almost full reel of dark purple thread and spending $3 on a new reel of a lighter colour thread seemed frivolous considering the pattern cost 20c and the fabric was from the stash and I can’t even remember how much I paid for it.

Although, next time I topstitch corduroy I think that I will take Sharon’s advice and use 2 threads instead of one. A single thread doesn’t seem to have enough ‘weight’ on top of the cord and disappears a bit into the pile. I have tried using proper topstitching thread before but my machine never seems to handle it properly and I have heard of the 2 thread technique but never gotten around to trying it out.

Anyhoo here are some pics of Miss C’s one and probably only made by me garment for this winter. At some point I will try to get the wriggler to actually wear it and stand still long enough for a pic. In the meantime some detail shots will have to do!

Project details

The pattern
Vintage Butterick kids pattern from the op shop. No date stamp but my guess is maybe late ‘70’s or early ‘80’s.
Sized Small (ages 3-4), Medium (5-6) and Large (6-7)
I made the dress in the medium size but really should have made the small. It will probably fit her for the next um 3 years or so!

The sewing
The whole thing went together pretty easily. Internal seams are overlocked and I used a cotton print for the yoke facings to reduce the bulk a bit.
Otherwise I followed the pattern directions pretty much to the letter.
I adapted Sherry’s very excellent tutorial on attaching sleeve cuffs to sew the dress to the yoke and was really happy with the result. Much quicker than how I usually do it and resulted in very neat corners, thanks Sherry!

The gripes
The cut of the underarm is very, very low and is a V shape with no side seam.
The pattern calls for a bias binding finish but the shape of the underarm doesn’t really allow a bias bind to work properly here. If I make it again I will reshape the underarm to be more of a curve so that the bias works better.

And you can see that Miss C insisted on 2 different coloured buttons. I figured she is the one wearing it, so she could choose, but I am finding this very hard to come to terms with!