Saturday, July 30, 2011

Who ate all the pie?

Is what our pediatrician said when he saw our two girls in their bassinette for their hospital check up.

Which isn’t surprising considering E weighed in at 3.75kg (yikes!) and S was only 2.45kg at birth.

The girls were born on the 5th July and have two very distinct personalities as well as looks. E is kinda boisterous where S is placid and calm which for me is quite a bonus as handling the feeding/sleeping merry go round with 2 bubbas is a challenge!
Miss C is beside herself and a great helper, although I am wondering if babies can actually handle being kissed and cuddled during every waking moment!

Needless to say there has been no sewing action happening of late but fingers crossed I may actually get some mending done next week. Not very exciting but at least I would be sewing again!