Thursday, August 4, 2011

So what is it like having twins?

Is the question that everyone seems to be asking me.
So here is a snapshot of my day.
Wake up. Feed. Chuck. Poo. Feed. Poo. Sleep (maybe). Feed. Poo. Poo. Feed. Chuck. Cry (that’s me, not the babies). Repeat every 3-4 hours.
And then by about 4pm I look something like this.

Tim Minchin. Very funny Australian comedian/musician.

On the plus though, thanks to the round the clock breastfeeding, for the first and only time in my life I actually come close to resembling Angelina Jolie. From the neck down anyway. Super skinny with 2 huge bazoombas on my chest!

Which is going to make my summer sewing plans a little problematic. As I know the celebrity body is not going to last forever. Perhaps some empire line dresses might be on the cards?


  1. Two blog post since the girls were born?? You are a super mum Sandra!! Well done! Summer dresses without straps will go just perfect for your new Angelina figure...perfect for feeding too, not too perfect when the girls get older and can pull the dress down themselves while up the street though, could be awkward if it comes all the way down, but you should be safe this summer at least, haha. BTW, I'm sure I told you on FB, the girls are just divine. I could snuggle them all day ;-)

  2. wow! I'm impressed by two posts too. And figures, you get the AJ figure, whilst I got... my figure.

    I only had one infant at a time and I can vividly remember sitting in a nursing chair at 11 pm with tears literally running down my face. I really just can't bear to even imagine two. I think you are AMAZING!

  3. Very funny - I can't imagine myself coping with twins, but I recall I was like a zombie with my first born because he wouldn't sleep more than an hour at a time. And even though my kids are now 6 and 4, I still catch myself looking like Tim Minchin sometimes!

    I hope you are getting some help with your babies and that you are managing to eat and sleep enough. Make sure you yell out to the people around you if it's getting too much!

  4. By crikey woman slow down! Oh and sleep some please?! I have just twins while you have your two bairns plus their big sister and have done two posts since the birth. I'm with the above, very impressed.

    I've just found your blog and am going to have a good read through your back posts.... so congratulations on your little bundles. They are gorgeous and I know just how you feel - literally.

  5. PM:you are quite welcome to come and snuggle anytime, we are not THAT far away!
    Beangirl:its easy to imagine what its like with two, just double the tears!
    Gabrielle:thanks for dropping by, my first was a non sleeper too.Luckily this pair are not too bad. At least they are awake/asleep at the same time (mostly).
    Hi Emily, hope you are enjoying twin parenthood! How old are yours?

  6. Hi Sandra - sorry been out of blog land for ages. Mine are 5 now (gasp) and have (Finally) started school. Oh the wonders of new found confidence. How are your little ones now after a few months?