Tuesday, September 13, 2011

That reminds me

The first sentence of my last post reminded me of this sketch from The Fast Show.

And this one. Because it has Johnny Depp in it.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baggy trousers

Is what I will most likely be wearing this summer. Apparently the cavernous gap between my tummy muscles is unlikely to ever revert back to normal without surgery. Which according to my Doc can’t be done for at least 12 months to give my body time to recover from the c-section.

So while I can brag about having Angelina’s boobs and bum, unfortunately I am stuck with Mr Greedy’s tummy for the next year or so.

And so to avoid having all and sundry commenting on why I am pregnant again SO SOON, I need to get cracking on making some loose tops and baggy pants to hide the non-baby bump.

And because I have been a bit out of the loop re new patterns and such, I need some help in getting started.

Do you have any favourite ‘go to’ patterns for loose, casual living?

Or what are the latest patterns that have taken your fancy?