Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baggy trousers

Is what I will most likely be wearing this summer. Apparently the cavernous gap between my tummy muscles is unlikely to ever revert back to normal without surgery. Which according to my Doc can’t be done for at least 12 months to give my body time to recover from the c-section.

So while I can brag about having Angelina’s boobs and bum, unfortunately I am stuck with Mr Greedy’s tummy for the next year or so.

And so to avoid having all and sundry commenting on why I am pregnant again SO SOON, I need to get cracking on making some loose tops and baggy pants to hide the non-baby bump.

And because I have been a bit out of the loop re new patterns and such, I need some help in getting started.

Do you have any favourite ‘go to’ patterns for loose, casual living?

Or what are the latest patterns that have taken your fancy?


  1. I kinda went the other route (and sad to say my c-section was, uh, seven years ago). The amazing tummy-holding-in power of lycra. Because totally people asked me all the time about 6 months after said c-section "Oh, so when this one due??"... Argh! It's not super-better now.

    girl. lycra. It is your friend.

    (Or you can make some cute pants, but I don't have a pattern for those as I don't actually make pants if I can at all avoid it! I'll be curious to see what people suggest!)

  2. Hello from Japan!
    I've been a big fan of your blog for quite a long time.

    How about these Thailand fisherman style pants from Tamanegi-kobo (meaning Atelier Onion)?

    Here's the URL. 


    I also have a 9mon old son (and a non baby bump and a 3 yr old daughter),so I was also considering this jumpsuit which seems comfortable for breast feeding... although am having second thoughts since I won't be able to go to the ladies room while wearing my baby carrier like I do now.

    Well, I'm leaving the URL for the jumpsuit anyway! The reviews among the Japanese sewing bloggers are great.It's said to be super comfy:)


  3. Beangirl: yes lycra is my friend, and so is spandex. Just not so much in the middle of summer. It is amusing that they are calling what I used to know as control briefs "shapewear" these days! And if I do make some pants they will probably be elastic waisted in order to avoid having to actually sew in a zip or a fly front!

    Waka8:thanks for dropping by and leaving the link. Those pants are lovely, great site too, will have a browse around when I get some baby free time! And yes jumpsuits and public toilets are a tricky combination with bubbas in tow!

  4. Pant? Umm, after my two I did live in a couple of pairs of hipster elastic waisted trou. They sat under the non-baby bump so not great for "support" but good in hot weather and well getting on with the day.


    Note - they are v. wide legged & pretty snug across the butt and hips.

  5. Ugh I know what you are talking about. I haven't had any c-sections but have the wide gap which can sometimes look like a pregnant tum. Apparently the membrane 'unzips'. It's a bit of a shame really. What I've found with sewing is to consider the fabric as well as the cut. Drapey fabrics are of course going to make the issue more obvious. Something like linen could be a good fabric choice. Good luck, and at the very least you know you are not alone!