Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas loot

Well Christmas has come and gone. And so has the New Year. And so has half of January. Sheesh. And I am still unpacking boxes of Christmas presents and toys!

We were fortunate enough this year to housesit for a lovely family in Orange, where we got to play with horses, dogs, cats and guinea pigs and generally sat around doing very little except helping ourselves to generous servings of Christmas fare.

Good old fashioned fun on the farm

And I didn’t end up taking the sewing machine. But I did take some Burda issues and did get some pattern tracing done which is something I haven’t had the brain capacity to do for a very long time.

And this year Santa very generously gave me everything on my list!
And while I haven’t had much sewing time of late, I have been diligently stash building (with the help of Santa and online shopping heh heh!).

Vintage Japanese kimono silks, vintage cottons, a walking foot for the trusty Bernina and Japanese pattern book 'She has a mannish style'.

And because we are getting close to School starting I have an insane list of sewing that has to get done no matter what.

Namely school uniforms, a couple of christening gowns for the twins and some party attire that the nearly 5 year old approves of.

And after that is done, and the nearly 5 year old is in school, I am going to sew some completely inappropriate garments for my new life as a School Mum. Probably something using one of those silks. That you have to wear heels with!


  1. Happy New Year! Ah yes, life as a school mum. It's a whole new world sweets, but if I can do it anybody can. xxx

  2. Ha! You can totally rock the Inappropriately Fashionable School Mum look. Awesome!

    Happy New Year!

  3. good to see you back! Imagine this year's been hectic but looking forward to seeing your inappropriate makes!

  4. Happy new year everyone! I have a feeling that the Inappropriately Fashionable School Mum look may very quickly be replaced with Frazzled Mum Wearing a Tracksuit over Pyjamas look! I now have less than 2 weeks before school starts and nary a stitch has been sewn!