Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Babies were big in the old days

Remember this romper from way back when?

We have finally had a couple of hot days so E has been able to wear hers.

The pattern was sized for a 6 month old, and even though the twins are now just over 7 months, there is plenty of room for E, who is shall we say generously proportioned for her age, and it swims all over S who may have to wait til next summer to wear hers.

While it is very roomy around the armholes, the advantage of using vintage patterns for babies clothes is that they are generously cut around the bottom, which means they actually fit over a cloth nappy.

Modern clothes are fitted to be very snug (mainly to comply with fire safety standards) and just don’t account for a nicely padded cloth bot.
We use cloth about 90% of the time, saving the disposables for nights and when we are out, so I think I will need to hunt down some more vintage patterns for winter which isn’t too far away now.

I do have two more of these rompers in the works, but they have been bumped down the list in order to get some superhero sewing done!

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  1. Oh, so they cant wear they're matching rompers :( Maybe they need a superhero outfit too??