Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More rompers.......and a blue ribbon!

I have finally, finally finally managed to finish another two of the vintage rompers for the girls. Getting these done has been like dragging a bowling ball through quicksand!

Three rompers on the bed and the little one said........

I started them when I was still pregnant, about this time last year, thinking that I would just quickly whip up another couple before they were born. But despite being deceptively simple (yes they look cute, but they have elastic casing, snap tape, buttons and button holes and I even went all out on the blue one and added decoration gasp!) they have taken forever.

And now that we are officially in Autumn it probably won’t be hot enough until next summer for them to wear them. And I think that this style of romper could look a bit weird on a walking toddler, but we will see!

But on a brighter note, we had our Annual Show in town the other weekend, and this year I actually decided to enter something in it. The Show is kind of like a Country Fair, lots of livestock, woodchopping, horse events and a sideshow alley for the kiddies. And because we are a small country town it has a 1950’s time warp kind of vibe to it.

And wouldn’t you know it, but I ended up with a first place and a blue ribbon for S’s yellow romper. I suspect I was the only entrant in my section, but hey, a blue ribbon is a blue ribbon and well worth the 50c entry fee!

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  1. well hey, congratulations! And I think probably toddlers can wear these. Right? Right!