Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The kindness of strangers

2012 has been a doozy of a year for us healthwise, which is partly to blame for my absence from blogland of late. (I won’t mention the C word, but that is what we are dealing with at the moment).

So far we have been on the merry go round of doctors, hospitals, and specialists in both the big smoke and locally, and haven’t really had much of a predictable routine since before Christmas.

The kids though have been real troupers, and considering that they have been carted from pillar to post, and every week has meant some kind of doctor visit, they have taken it all in their stride. Sure there have been tears and tantrums (mostly from me) but we usually end up going to bed each night with a smile on our faces.

The thing that has really struck me though is how kind people are. I have been on my own quite a bit and every where I have been, both in Sydney and our own small town, complete strangers have helped me with my groceries, lifted the monster pram in and out of the car for me and even held a baby while I got the other one sorted.

People have stopped me on the street to admire the kids, often with their own twin story (mum’s a twin, brother had twins, married a twin etc) and I have to say it has been really lovely, despite the context that I have found myself in.

And last week I received a wonderful package of kids patterns from a reader, who despite not knowing me from Adam, took the time to sort through her stash, pick out some patterns in the right size that she thought I could use and post them off to me.

And I admit I almost cried when I got them because we currently have zero funds to spend on treats like patterns and fabric, and some days I even have to scrounge up some change for fresh bread!

So in order to keep the goodwill floating around the universe I have to do some serious giving back.

Next post will be not one, but two giveaways hurray!
Just give me some time to get lost in the fabric and pattern stash for a while will you?


  1. Are you dealing with the Big C word? I'm so very sorry to hear that. I think it must be the bane of modern existence.

  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that you are going through such a rough time. Hope you are holding up. The package of patterns was a lovely thing for someone to do.

  3. That is rough, I'm really sorry to hear that. I hope things ease up on you quickly and that people continue to rally round. xx

  4. Oh, I am so sorry to hear about the Big C. That is awful. We're going through a range of health issues on our front, to, and it can be a grind with all the appointments (except when you have to wait months for the next test), not to mention jumping through various paperwork hoops.

    I am glad that you have been helped as much as you have---I live in amazement of people who successfully wrangle twins.

  5. Sandra that is terrible news! I'm so sorry to hear what a rough time you are having. What a lovely person to send a parcel of lovliness your way. Big hugs from us and stay strong.


  6. So sorry 2012 has been so rough for you and your family. Stay strong and be positive.

  7. Sandra..so sorry to hear you are having a rough time. Big hugs to you and your family, Karri xx

  8. Just came upon your blog, my prayers are with you and your family! Skeep the faith!

  9. Thank you for all of your comments everyone, it is nice to know that there are people out there thinking of us. We are 'almost' back to our regular routine now that school has started and have a bit of 'normal' time before the next round of surgery. And all appears to be going well according to the docs which is a relief.