Monday, May 7, 2012

Double Barrel Giveaway is here!

Before I get to the free stuff, I really should have mentioned the kindness of friends as well as strangers that I talked about in my last post.

In the last week or so, we have had friends mow our lawns, weed the garden, feed pets, finish off some renovation work, do our grocery shopping, clean the house and I even have one lovely friend who has been around every day to hang out my washing!

I really am going to have to think of a very special way of thanking them all once we get through all of this.

But on to the super duper giveaway part of the post.

I have spent most of the week sorting and tidying the stash, and have come up with 2 little packages that might be of interest to some of you.

Giveaway #1 Vintage for kids

This pack consists of

• Burda magazine June 1977
• Simplicity pattern for newborns dated 1977
• About 2 metres of vintage hot pink cotton ric rac
• Remnant piece, about 60cm, of pink animal print vintage seersucker

As well as having these super cute girls dresses, the Burda mag also has some great summer dresses, a really cool swimsuit (that almost made me keep this one for myself) and some other lovely summer styles that look almost contemporary.

I bought the newborn pattern to make the twins christening dresses but they are way too big now, and the seersucker was going to be a couple of pairs of bloomers but I already have stacks of those.

Giveaway #2 Vintage for grown ups

This pack has

• Burda magazine January 1975
• Butterick dress pattern, undated size 12 bust 87cm
• About 2 metres of retro print polyester satin

This Burda mag has some wonderful trench coat styles and shirt dresses, as well as these great art smocks and tops for kids.

The Butterick pattern I have had in my stash forever, and I think could make up into an interesting maxi style dress, and the poly satin is a really nice quality (I think it originally retailed for about $12 a metre) and would make a perfect lining for that trench coat!

I am willing to post anywhere in the world, and all you have to do to be in the draw is leave a comment saying which giveaway you would like the most.
Deadline is midnight (AEST) on Sunday 13th May.

Go on, you know you NEED more patterns and fabric!

Note: I am pretty sure that the mags and patterns are complete. The Burda mags are in German but have the English supplement included with the pattern sheets and as far as I can tell the patterns look complete as well. I haven’t been through the patterns completely though so can’t guarantee that every piece is there. Just so you know!


  1. Hi Sandra,

    I've just started following your blog recently and hope you are getting on ok.
    I would love the second giveaway, I'd def make the burda coat and the simplicity dress.

    The coat would get loads of wear here in wet and chilly Ireland!!


  2. Wow, those both look so awesome, it's hard to pick, although the Butterick pattern slants me a bit towards the last one (I have been randomly buying too many 70s children's patterns lately... want some?) I love 70s patterns...

    I'm so glad you're receiving support from friends---it's such a big deal during rough times. I hope things settle down for you all, sooner rather than later.

    best wishes, regardless!

  3. Great giveaway.. I would love to win the first one with the vintage children's pattern I have several pregnant friends at the moment.

  4. You are realy tempting me, the Giveaway #2 Vintage for Grown Ups please. A Trench is definately on my sewing list and the poly sating would be so lovely as a lining and the Butterick will be perfect for summer.

    So glad you are getting so much support during this tough time, take care.

  5. I don't need any more patterns but I just wanted to say how nice it is that you have friends who help you so much. So nice of them :)