Sunday, September 9, 2012

Making plans for nigel

I am actually making plans for summer, but I heard that XTC song on the radio the other day and it made me think of cruisy summers past, hanging out at music festivals, wearing denim cutoffs and doc martens, and generally doing very little!

But this summer will be the summer of recuperation, so we plan to spend as much time at the beach as possible (yippee!). Being an ‘inlander’ however means I have zero in the way of beach going attire, but luckily for me, Patternreview are having the Mini Wardrobe contest again this month.

The contest requires you to select a key item, which can be a sewn or purchased garment, and then make 4 other garments to coordinate with it.

So I have splashed out (gedditt!) and purchased myself this swimsuit:

This is a bit more vavavoom than I normally wear (I am usually a neck to knee kind of girl), but I figure I only have a few more good swimsuit years left in me, so I may as well make the most of it. Best of all it was reduced from $150 to $40, as it was last seasons stock, and it is fully lined, has underbust support (although the underbust support isn’t exactly under my bust so there may be a bit of unpicking to do!) and it is made by Seafolly, who still design and manufacture all of their cossies here in Australia.

Here is the plan for the other four pieces so far.

They are all Burdastyle, which means lots of tracing, and I have no idea if my pre babies Burda size 38 will fit my post babies body without a serious amount of tweaking. Which I don’t really have time for as the deadline for the contest is the end of the month.

So this plan could quite possibly change to elastic waist leggings and baggy T’s if I run out of time, but it is a nice plan for now.

Have you made plans for next seasons sewing yet?


Gabrielle said...

Good luck! I haven't made any plans but am trying to coral my whims a bit... Might even have to think about dressing appropriately for my age soon :-( so I get your comment about the va-voom cossie.

Sharon said...

Great idea for the mini wardrobe and hope that you can make all the pieces. Planning for next season, maybe whenit gets a bit warmer.

Princess Martha said...

I have those swimmers in black and red...I didnt pay $40...poop!

sandra said...

Black and red sounds like a nice colourway Princess Martha! I ended up taking out the elastic boob support as it gave me way too much support if you know what I mean!