Thursday, November 22, 2012

Auckland.....who's in the know?

We will be lucky enough to be staying with the inlaws in Auckland this summer, and while I have been to the city a number of times now, there has never been any time for fabric or opshopping. This time though, I am determined to sneak away (I will have the luxury of two sisters in law and a mother in law for child wrangling!)and do some selfish shopping!

So, does anyone out there have any good tips for where to go? I will have a car, so getting around won't be a problem, but will have limited time so I need to plan ahead.

I would love to pick up some merino jersey while I am there, as it is so ridiculously expensive over here and I am always on the lookout for vintage sewing bits and pieces so visiting some op shops would be great as well.

Thoughts? Tips? Don't be afraid to tell me where to go!


  1. Try this link, it has a lot of Aussie and NZ fabric stores listed on it,142.734375&spn=43.242865,77.871094&z=4

    If you go to PR and log in on the right hand side bar there is a link for Sewing Stores and there you can search for New Zealand, Auckland I could see 3 stores.

    visit kbenco's projects I know she went to NZ and got some of the merino as well as some other goodies.

  2. I would suggest the curious kiwi blog, she's in NZ and I believe has some shops that she frequents, but I'm not sure where see is located. Have fun.

  3. Hello I have been "THe Fabric Store " They have branches in Austrlian capitals too so you might already know them . They have great wool, jersey.

  4. Ikes Emporium in Devonport is great & it not only carries fabric it has almost every notion known to man.
    14 Clarence St., Devonport

    Designer Textiles Factory Shop (Designer Textiles and Levina Mills) Lovegrove Crescent, Otara. This place has merino for cheap.

    Centrepoint Fabrics, 26 Morrow Street Newmarket. Some fabric is a little pricey but often designer.

    Enjoy :)

  5. Oh wow I only just found you! How was Auckland? Did you find some fabric?

    I'm in Wellington so wish I had seen this post sooner....