Thursday, January 24, 2013

What’s the best thing about New Zealand?

Is it the family friendly uncrowded beaches? Nup. Is it the rugged beauty of the west coast? Nup. Is it the Tip Top Jelly Tip ice creams? Nup (but almost)! Is it my sister in law Julie’s cooking? Close!

The best thing about New Zealand is drum roll…….Pak n Save’s extra wide double seat trolleys!

I almost went grocery shopping every day as it was so much easier with the twins safely contained in one place while I cruised the aisles.

I wish I had taken a photo but it didn’t occur to me until we were back home. Actually I didn’t take many photos at all as both of the twins are now running all over the place and it took all my concentration to make sure they didn’t go into the surf by themselves!

All up we had 5 glorious weeks in Auckland, and while most of the trip was taken up with Christmas, sightseeing and family events, I managed to get quite a bit of op shopping and fabric hunting done. Thanks Zoe, Mem, Kat and Sharon for your helpful tips on where to go. I didn’t get to every place on my list but I did get most of what I was looking for. No merino alas, but not surprising considering the season!

The northern beaches (Orewa, Browns Bay, Manly, Stanmore Bay etc) are a mecca for opshopping. I picked up some cool vintage patterns, fabric pieces, some notions and a good stash of doilies. Again no photos as most of the loot is buried deep in one of 5 suitcases yet to be unpacked.

Yikes it's Ike's! Note that Miss C went straight to the pink and purple sequin fabric!

I visited not one but two Ike’s Emporium stores! I didn’t end up with any fabric, but Oh Lordy, the notions and haberdashery department was mind boggling! I stocked up on mostly useful but small things, elastic, thread, some grosgrain ribbon and other trims, as I knew most of our luggage allowance was going to be taken up with the girls stash of Christmas pressies.

So now the sewing room is all stocked up and I am busting to get stuck into some challenging sewing projects. But first I have to get the big kid ready for school next week, clean the house, wash the holiday clothes, organise a birthday party and make the shirts that I promised the Bloke for Christmas!

And catch up with what’s been happening in blogland of course!